CCTV Color Quad Security Video 4 Channel Processor Divider(White)

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  • Description:

    1) CCTV Color Quad Security Video 4 Channel Processor Divider.

    2) This CCTV 4 Channel Processor connects up to 4/8 video camera, adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.

    3) Color Quad Processor.

    4) Connect to a VCR / DVR to record, TV to view.

    5) NTSC / PAL Systems can be chosen.

    6) Security Video Processor has various display modes, quad split mode, full screen mode, PIP screen mode, non-realtime 8 split mode, dual split mode, auto sequence mode.

    7) Easy to install and operate the 4 Channel Video Divider.

    Quad size: 14x12x3cm

    8) Weight: 578.5g

    9) Works on 9V / 12V DC 500mA DC.