CPA101 IR Camera Lens Detector Scanning Detector

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  • 1. RF frequency detection range: 10-3000Mhz
    2. RF signal detection distance: (depends on the signal strength of the signal source) GSM: 50-300CM, 3G&4G: 20-100CM, wifi: 10-100CM
    3. Infrared detection frequency range: 750-1000nm
    4. Infrared detection distance: 1-10 meters (depending on the signal intensity of the light source)
    5. Laser indicator power: class II 1mw
    6. Observation eyepiece magnification: 5 times optical magnification
    7. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery capacity: 500mah
    8. Charging interface: Type-c
    9. Charging voltage: DC 5V1A
    10. Use time of built-in battery: more than 12 hours
    11. Can effectively detect the optical lens, emitted electromagnetic waves and infrared rays of pinhole cameras, bugs, locators and other equipment