GSM900 / WCDMA2100 Mini Mobile Phone LCD Signal Repeater with Logarithm Periodic Antenna(Gold)

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  • About The Product
    1. This micro-repeater kit includes an outdoor and indoor antenna, suitable for mobile phone signal boosting, presenting good amplification effect with no blind spot, which is widely used at home, office, meeting room and other small places.
    2. Note: Please ensure your phone frequency the same with our repeater before purchase, for different phone may use different frequency.

    1. GSM900 / WCDMA2100 MHz repeater for mobile phone signal boosting.
    2. ALC function, no interference to work station.
    3. Low noise, low heat, low power consumption.
    4. Alloy material, durable in performance.
    5. Perfect design, easy installation.
    6. Antenna Gain: 9dB outdoor antenna, 3dB indoor antenna.
    7. Indoor antenna cover area: 100-500m2.
    8. Frequency range: Uplink 890-915 / 1920-1990MHz, downlink 930-960 / 2110-2180MHz.
    9. Gain: Uplink 60dB, downlink 65dB.
    10. Output power: Uplink 23dBm, downlink 23dBm.
    11. Outdoor Antenna Length: 10m/32.81ft.

    One Package Weight 3.2kgs / 7.05lb
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    Carton Size 45cm * 46cm * 62cm / 17.72inch * 18.11inch * 24.41inch
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