HD204A HD-CVI/TVI/AHD CCTV 4CH Passive Video Balun

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  • 1. HD video balun is to convert the video signal into the balanced signal applicable to transimitted on common Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire with perfect transmission effect, which can be applied in the occasions such as video monitoring and video meeting and can transmit for channels of video image simultaneously on an 8 cores cat-5 twisted pair wire. It can simplify the wiring project and save wire use quantity
    2. Compatible with all HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-AHD.
    3. Up to 450m for 720P CVI Cameras.
    4. Up to 250m for 1080P CVI Cameras.
    5. Up to 250m for 720P/1080p TVI Cameras.
    6. Up to 320m for 720P AHD camera.
    7. Up to 250m for 1080P AHD camera.
    8. NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats.
    9. No power required.
    10. 60dB cross talk and noise immunity.
    11. Built-in transient suppression protection.
    12. Surge protection 4KV, ESD: 8KV.
    13. Frequency response: DC to 60MHZ.
    14. Attenuation: 0.5dB type.
    15. CMRR: 60dB.
    16. Impedance: BNC: 75ohms, RJ45: 100ohms.

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